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* The tracks hyperlinked are mp3's uploaded by me, click the link to download them. You will need winamp or something which plays mp3's to listen to them. They are full songs, so if you like what you hear you can go here to purchase the full CD. *


1. Albert

2. Northcote

3. Motherfuckin'

4. Chuck

5. Showered With Affection Part 2

6. Strop

7. Nasty Chicks


Tony - Vocals

Matt - Drums

Fin - Guitar

Jason P.C - Bass

Recorded at ToyBox studios in Melbourne by Doug Saunders, 2nd engineer Adrian De Wilts.

This recording contains 41 Riffs and 527 words.

Backing Vocals on "Albert" by Jason "V" (Christbait)

Backing Vocals on "Showered With Affection Part 2" by Matt Skitz (Damaged)

Backing Vocals on "Strp" and "Nasty Chicks" by Jamie (Damaged)