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29/10/99 - Shane Rout has now left Blood Duster for a variety of reasons, so therefore the new drummer is now "Matt Rizzo" from the Yeest CD

Euan Herriot has left Blood Duster, and now Shane Rout, who you might remember from "Fisting The Dead" has taken the sticks once again to keep the band goin' as strong as ever!

Along with Shane, Blood Duster are presently jammin' for a new tour of Australia in September with a band from USA, which I do not know....

A follow up E.P to "str8outanorthcote" is currently in the making, more info will added when it comes to hand.

More pics will be added to the pics section as soon as they are also sent to me.

I have now put mp3's up, so you can go into the discography's and find the mp3s for each album there, or if you can't be fucked doing that, the archive of mp3s is here.

Finally An Official Bio has been added! Just click the bio link on the left to see it!

A new MCD will be out sometime near November.