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* The tracks hyperlinked are mp3's uploaded by me, click the link to download them. You will need winamp or something which plays mp3's to listen to them. They are full songs, so if you like what you hear you can go here to purchase the full CD. *


1. Givin' Stiff To The Stiff

2. Hippie Kill Team

3. Metal As Fuck

4. I Hate Girls and crusty punx

5. Chop-Chop

6. Tittie

7. Mother Load

8. The Meat Song (Stiffy In McDonalds)

9. Death Squad

10. Instrumental 1

11. The Simple Life

12. Where Does all the money go when releasing a full length Album

13. It's Just Not Metal

14. Celebrating 35% Pigfat

15. F.S.S

16. Oohahh

17. Derek 2

18. Roll-Call

19. Shoved Up Your Pisshole

20. Ballad of Hoyt

21. Pure Digital SIilence

22. (Hidden Secret Track)


Tony - Vocals

Euan - Drums

Fin - Guitars

Jason P.C - Bass

Recorded at STudio International by Doug Saunders for $5 994 Aus dollars. Recorded on the 7th, 8th, and 9th of June, and July 5,6,7 1997.

This recording contains 69 riffs and 758 Words.

Guest Vocals.....

Track 7 By Bucky (benflipper) and Kate

Track 4 by Bucky (beanflipper)

Track 14 by "V" (Christbait)

Track 14 by Mike F.B

Track 12 By Dr Jim (Dr Jims Records)

Track 17 by Fin (Guitars)

Tracs 17 and 2 by Jason P.C (Bass)

Guest Hammond B3 Organ by Fins mum, Marlanna on Track 5.