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3. Wage
4. Expert
14. Zero

Track listing was very kindly given to me by Danielle Mcleod, thanx Danielle.

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Below is the lyrics to "Unnatural" thanx to Danielle


and is it who you know who can you trust is it one of us is there too many sheep for one to handle in the plan doesn't make a better man do you know if you're in control of speaking kind your friendship buys a lot up another notch but do you have a backup plan can you see you outstanding stay with you are just trying hard cause you don't try a lot do you believe there's only room for some and when will you oustand when you all need helping hands believe me now you're in control of you are the work you've done for you

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oh morning what do you want from me yeah i'm getting up almost fainting i put in a late one i'm reeling do you know how i'm feeling oh morning you know this just escalates my point of not feeling great so i wonder what kind of sick pleasure you could get out of this do you know how i'm feeling is this how everyone feels oh morning this is unnatural and naturally i'm up and complaining surely i'm not the only one hating being caught in this revolving spoke of this economic wheel gotta be that most us folk are forced into this deal

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fighting the urge to take the day off yesterdays gone a new day is on sounds so familiar somehow just the same bored seen you before yesterday and here we are today ok that's what i do for a wage day is repeated projects the same see how they stare blank window panes trial to take the next step to my office again the next stop on the assembly line ok that's what i do for a wage when the money is there I'll have no choice in the matter at hand I'll have no say i work for the man back to the same thing again its all too familiar somehow just the same bored seen you here before and here we are today

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can i be taught to listen taught to be interested devoid of wisdom it's something i might never own will i look out out the window of a different perspective could be all in all decipherable much more that i could hope to fathom i have what i need what i need to explain no more paper phoney made up cheap wannabe two dollar reasons no more suspect words from me to you could i be taught ot make sense taught to be sensible oh no double the nothing something part inspired i could be more just having more using a different perspective i'd have much to say much more to play with facts would underline my rambling nothings as plain on paper as thin as an expert listen to me i'll tell you

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like a tractor moving onwards mowing over all you're daisies in your garden and your day takes a nasty turn away you'll be thinking all this over and you wont come to a conclusion you'll just have to turn away 'cause a solution isn't on the cards today an overzealous monster cannot wait to fuck up everything the spanners in there working and its turning till you're hurting it's not something you can plan no way to sidestep situations and that's the way it is today a small man in a bigger plan today you were singled out to be on the looser team some things are much bigger than you'll ever be so take some heart in that you'll have too see that things just happen don't rely on anything but don't think about it too hard you'll just turn your head just have to turn away 'cause a solution isn't on the cards today

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it'll hit you like a loaded shotgun takes one to know when will you realise that it could all end soon stick a label on you're self dependent will it ever end or tell me if it does could it be as good went down the river to the end no limits come here again can't travel back a different method to relax an uphill battle weak with deflating structure a small man not much to offer if you walk away will we see you again you never knew when you've had enough no one too see and who would want to be with and have you seen people recently no one has been and who would want to be with you it'll hit you like a loaded shotgun it takes one too see one to recognise a fool dive in is there a chance of moving onwards and if it does will it be as good

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why do i push for the part i can't live without it why can i be on my own i think this way and why am i calling you now i just can't stop myself and why do i set myself up i'll learn some day and yes i am calling you now never be myself again will you get to know me will i fit a word in edgewise yes i am calling you now never be myself again or will it be just friendly polite conversation why am i so see through i'm just a spectre in you how can i become known see me this way or hear me why don't you talk to me am i just a nuisance tell me why did you shut me down tell me what was your complaint

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tell you how i spent my day it was a shame yeah this was nice and ugly first day in ages unblocking the drain now that its over now i can sy that it was worth the drouble and now we can walk around and liv a place that's cleaner

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yeah i'm frogetful yeah i know i've let you down before but please can i take a shot at one last chance at what i know as us apologies you've heard a million times before i know but please can we handle one more i get so tongue tied when i kneel here grovel at you're feet and you stare and say nothing we've been here before have we smashed the rock that was so solid have we got much time is this the last time have we got much time left its a hard line it all depends if i fuck up no end yeah i'm regretful yeah i know you slammed the door on me and you completely lost the plot and i'm stubborn and i know i'm wrong i'll take you back will you let me in you know it's something we can win it's a stupid risk i take rely on games to patch up my mistakes it's hell strapped on my drivers seat i'm notching personal defeats painting things forever blue i wonder what this does to you

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when it cools down it just might motivate me to come up with something better happy witty thoughtful i'm sure theres nothing wrong with me its 36 degrees the here and now i sweat i write nothing coming fours hours bringing nothing just a simple waste of time just sitting on the fence waiting for the train of thought its expected sometime soon then you'll have something new to listen to you can throw this down the drain 'cause i'm in summer missing winter let it rain

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a mind altering drug sort of a sponge taking control of the sum of the above leaving you with one making you feel empty inside leaving you flat on a still ride tiring you making you do time the fund on the decline could be a sign you were so high and you hit the earth with a thud wallet left like a gun behind from the start will you get what you want what you need to get by feeding time dab the tear in you're eye the fix taking its time so far away the dollar sign and you need it more than some think of what went wrong

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when i have a minor problem i can solve within myself just another thing wipe my mind for you just something to do for us too i'll be back on track rebuilding with you take sometime fall backwards we'll be sleeping in the leaves relaxing with you take sometime fall backwards we'll be sleeping in the leaves relaxing we too know about the problems we've thought it through all to well we don't need reminding i can't wipe my mind for you sleeping in the leaves breeze blowing we'll just think of things we can hadle well make it fine brand new just something to do for us too we'll be back on track rethinking old times reminisce back backwards we'll be sleeping in the leaves relaxing

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nominate higher let them all take it now normal electives usage of power colonels in towers testing your judgement oversee the town soup up the average banking on dollars to colour your real estate buy lots of stuff new 'cause you can't wait dockets in garbage proof of the spending flying round in the dumpster all ending up back to reports on the television how our state in spending we're betrayed by our pens and pencils ticking the wrong boxes but we live for today and we all cover our face and gamble it away we've opened up the money pits and we fell into it how silly idiots can't point the finger just sit on the problem feel the weight of our conscience problems bear the weight of our problems too late we create the state and now updates cover our position we smile in the depression credit balance now gives chase and it all leaves a bad taste in our mouths then we yell what the fucking hell choosing better next time they've opened up the money pits

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when the excuses won't do and you forget it seems like ignorance you'll be the death of those around you example one your indifference costs all those who can't afford it they've nothing to depend on nothing too depend on they will leave you be and you'll be left alone counting all the regrets i'm positive able to listen and see you need to be a good person genuine with standards comprehend fuck them around it's not worth it you see you wade around in the shit that you're made of ....nothing


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